Termite Inspection Report

Hodotermes mossambicus 1
Photo by kibuyu
Whilst termite infestations can be see with the naked eye, but they often aren’t and a professional termite inspection report may be required.

The good news about this is that you can often get a termite inspection report for free and it’s recommended that you call up several companies so you can get an idea of the different price ranges. Also, check your home insurance as you may have already signed up for free inspections when you purchased your house.

Once the termite inspector arrives he will do a visual inspection of the entire house similar to the one that I described in the previous chapters. Sometimes the property will have to be fully vacated before the inspection can begin.

This inspection is sometimes known as a WDO (wood destroying organisms), WDO report or a WDI (wood destroying insects), WDI report. The wood destroying insect inspection report is likely to take around 45-60 minutes to complete and will involve the inspector looking at the whole house, often including the attic and basements of a home – so it’s a good idea to tidy up!

Termite Report: WDI and WDO

Some inspectors may even drill behind the walls and floors to get a better look at the extent of the problem. Others may even have infra-red technology that is used to detect the heat the termites give off. However, both of the techniques don’t normally come with a free inspection and you’re likely to have to pay for this more thorough method of identification.

I’d recommend you being very patient with the termite inspector and have a pen and notepad handy to take notes of any comments he makes, otherwise you’re likely to forget.

Once the termite inspection is complete you’ll be issued with a report and it’s during this time that it’s best to start asking questions about the subject. The report will tell you where the problem exists and the extent of the termite damage. They will also suggest to you what type of treatment is recommended and how much it should cost.

Prices vary and you may come across some unscrupulous companies so it’s recommended that you get a second, third and maybe in fourth opinion from different companies.

Whilst this may seem like an effort now, it is likely to save you thousands in pest control fees in the future, plus many termite companies will offer a termite inspection report for free. See the later section on negotiation for information on how to get low prices.