Termite Inspection For Home Purchase

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Photo by Mark Morgan
It is common practice for most real estate agents to require a termite inspection for home purchase before making a sale in areas that are at risk to termites. In fact in many states it is required by the law to have a full termite inspection before buying and selling a property.

You should be able to get this without having to pay an additional fee as many termite inspection companies will provide this service for free However, some homeowners may forget or overlook this fact and thus end up with a property that has termite damage. This is why you should insist on an inspection and read the fine details of any contract.

Many homes which live in termite risk areas will have a termite bond/insurance contract already pre-arranged with a pest control company. It’s important to find out if this termite bond is transferable or not. It is better if the bond is transferable as this means the contract can be passed onto the new home owner.

Buying A House With Termites

If you are buying a property that might be at risk to termites then it is essential you know the history that the property has with termites and at what state it is currently in. Even if you have already seen the property and you didn’t notice a problem – looks can still be deceiving. Underneath the surfaces many termites may be lurking. A full termite inspection and report will help to put you at ease.

If however, you are selling the property it is still in your best interests to get a termite inspection before selling. Not only is it required in many states but it will also help to protect you legally.

For example, if you have a termite inspection before you home is sold and nothing is discovered – then if the new home owner does discover a termite infestation later on, you will know for certain that it is their problem to deal with and not your responsibility.

If however you didn’t have the inspection then you could be at risk of legal action. This is because the home owner might claim that you knowingly sold them a home that was infested with termites – even if that weren’t the case.

So to put your mind at ease, get an inspection with a signed report before selling your home.