Termite Companies

Photo by Creative Commons LicenseRobbert van der Steeg
It can be very stressful, figuring out which termite companies are best for fumigating your home. There are several things you need to consider:

  • The termite contract: does this include yearly inspections and fumigations or is it just a form of insurance that means fumigation only occurs once an infestation is present.
  • Is there a guarantee on offer? good companies will offer certain forms of protection and ensure that your termite treatment will continue until all the infestation is eradicated.
  • What form of treatment or method do they use to eliminate the termites? Is it an eco-friendly approach or will they be using the latest cutting edge chemicals – that tend to be very rapid and effective.

If you’re not looking to do DIY termite control then below are some of our recommended termite companies:

Terminix – These guys have a broad range of pest control solutions and they’ll provide you with a free quote. Plus they have a rapid response time – within a day or less. They also offer seasonal packages to take care annually of pest infestations.

The Top 5 Termite Companies

Orkin – a company that is so popular you’ll have difficulty scheduling an appointment, especially during termite swarming season. However, if you can get them booked in, they do offer a very high end professional service.

Truly Nolen – a bonus service with these guys is that during peak termite season they offer extra monthly visits to check that everything is under control. The services they offer also tend to be good value for money.

Presto-X – offer a range of different pest control solutions – not just for termites. They’re open 24/7 which is very useful, however, the website doesn’t quite provide the same amount of useful information as some of the other termite companies. Still, Presto-X does tend to have high quality satisfaction from its customers and reviews.

Termidor – this company offers one of America’s most popular products for pest control. You’ll find their items in most pest control stores and they also provide certification to pest control experts who have been trained to properly use their products.

Orange Oil Termite Control – orange oil is seen as one of the more eco-friendly forms of pest control that some people opt for. There are concerns that the chemicals in traditional termite fumigations can be harmful to your health over the long term and this is why people choose the safer orange oil solution. Whilst orange oil can be less effective, an advantage is that you usually don’t have to leave your home for the fumigation.