Natural Termite Control

Termites in nest
Photo by flickrfavorites
Many people are wary about using chemicals to treat insects in their home and so there is an increasing trend to opt for natural termite control methods.

I must state however, that the natural methods available are not as effective as the chemical methods, and I would recommend the low intensity chemical options such as baiting stations if you’re worried about the toxicity. However, here are some of the alternative methods of treatment that can be used to control termites.

When it comes to natural termite control, prevention is far better than treatment.

Effective termite deterrents should be installed when the house is first constructed. Metal shields and thick sand barriers can be placed in the ground to protect the home. Any wood used to build the home can be treated or at least made of a wood that is termite resistant.

If however you already have an infestation in the home then a natural way of attacking the termites is by focusing on the moisture – which can be used to eliminate subterranean termites, not drywood termites. So the first thing you need to do is to fix any leakages or areas which are very damp, as it is damp wood that termites love to use as their food source.

Termites will however bring in moisture and dampness from the soil. To prevent this dampness, moisture barriers can be installed inside the walls, such as in areas underneath your structure or in the flooring. Moisture barrier films such as 6 mil of polyethylene are a good material for this. Some people also recommend the installation of moisture barriers underneath the slab foundations of a construction.

Wall vents inside the walls of the house are another option that provide a good amount of cross ventilation in the crawl spaces of a home which will help to reduce moisture. Other areas to focus on when removing moisture include bathrooms, areas next to drains and air-conditioner units.

Home Remedies For Termites

Here’s a fast home remedy for termites that you can use within minutes. Although it tends to be more effective with ants than termites.

Mix the following:

4-5 tablespoons of boric acid and mix them together with 1 and a half cups of sugar and 3 and a half cups of water.

Place this near any insects in your home. This should only be used as a temporary short term solution.

Natural Termite Killer

A natural termite killer that is commonly used is heat, although it’s not strictly DIY solution – it certainly is a natural solution offered by pest control companies. Thermal termite treatment works in a similar way to tenting or fumigation but instead of a toxic chemicals being pumped into your home, a very hot air is pumped inside, which will kill off any termite that sustain prolonged contact with this heat. The is a great natural solution instead of chemical fumigation, however you’ll still need many heat sensitive items from your home such as foods and plants.

Organic Termite Control

Orange Oil can provide a organic and environmentally friendly alternative of termite control. It is made by extracting a chemical found in the skins of oranges called Limonene. Because it is organic termite control, it is free from some of the other risks associated with chemical termite solutions, although it does still contain low toxicity levels.

This low toxicity means that it is safer to use around children, animals and plants. Also when you use it in your house, you do not have to leave the house and move somewhere else for the day.

There are some downsides though. Its treatments do not last as long as the chemicals based treatments on offer and because it is low toxicity, the effects of orange oil are not as strong.

When using orange oil it is best to use it as a localized treatment. This means that you should find the location of where the termites are, say behind a wall or beneath the floor, and then inject the orange oil into that location.

Overall, Orange Oil is a great alternative to chemical treatments available and another similar solution you might want to consider is Bora Care.